Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where in the world is Don?

I'm in the bay area and silicon valley this week, and wanted to let you know of a couple of upcoming articles that will result from the visit:

I'm meeting with Podio, a Denmark-based company, at their SOMA offices in San Francisco. Podio is doing some very innovative work to allow businesses to move technology choices closer to end-users, and in so doing, may be amazingly well positioned to take advantage of the Era of You effect I've discussed.

Butch, from
Mission Cats is a small business, but one that has grasped the power of social media in a big way.  This small, cat-only boarding service understands the desire of owners of pets in their care to stay in touch with their cats while they are away.  They offer cat-cams, and "the chance to be an internet star."  But they also tie into the internet cat meme, with pictures and video of cats for all to see.  I'll talk with the owners to learn how they did it, what the impact of hands-on social involvement has meant for their company, and find lessons we can all take away.

More soon.  Let me know about the work you're doing; I'd like to do more features about people who are creating the future, and how they're putting innovation into action.

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