Donald Ham

I am an IT strategist and researcher, innovation evangelist, and emerging technology analyst.  

Here are my:

My credentials come from ten years of managing advanced technology research for multi-billion-dollar companies and studying technology in business. In that role, I was on the strategic business plan team, which made technology choices that drove over $1.5 billion in IT spending.

For 5 years before that I worked directly in the field as a project manager, systems analyst and help desk staffer for one of the most-respected hospitals in the U.S.

I believe that innovative thinking is a skill that can be learned. Strategic behavior can be taught and managed. No one can predict the future, but there are insights into clear trends; I've developed tools to help businesses turn those insights into deliberate actions.  Everyone should have a professional passion.  Mine is to work with bright people to make something truly special of the future.

This site is full of articles, charts, interviews, and links that demonstrate my thinking, and lay out my beliefs
--my claim to expertise--to do just that.

A Muggle in a world of IT Wizards

There is something different about me in the tech world; I arrived in IT through a different path.  I am not geek-born, but rather a journalist with a love of technology that launched my career.

A sort of Muggle in the world of IT wizards, I've also been orientation director at a state university, have owned a Gulf Coast sailing school and charter operation, been assistant director of a seaport museum, and spent many years as a classical music announcer and producer at an NPR station in a top-10 market.  That diversity of institution sizes and the mix of public, nonprofit, and for-profit companies has produced a kind of technology iconoclast. If you know that, it will inform what you read here and the ways I can provide benefits that fall beyond the traditional IT strategy encounters you may have been used to.

I can talk acronyms and tech speak until I'm blue in the face, but where I shine is in telling stories about the future that are clear to those who have never laid eyes on a data center, and don't care to.

My training to do this came about when my research role met my broadcasting and reporting background. Hundreds of IT and business professionals relied on me as their single point of contact for tech research.  Like a CIO, the entire business and technology picture was my responsibility. I helped people in many roles that extended from manufacturing into marketing, organizational planning, human resources, and strategic IT trends.  I was privileged to look through that big picture to see intersections of trends, competitive pressures, and cultures. And to come away with an integrative view of technology, business, and society.

That's the basis of the Infrics.com idea, and my value proposition to a prospective employer.

You can see the details at LinkedIn, where I welcome connection requests. 

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