Monday, October 8, 2012

When you no longer have to know or care where your servers are, you're stateless

ReadWriteWeb DeathWatch: In-House Datacenters:

This is part of the reason I see the stateless revolution as one of the biggest technology trends.  The ReadWriteWeb article mentions the Netflix migration to Amazon Web Services: from 2500 in-house servers to 50.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thank you

Last night, crossed 20,000 pageviews since I started it in May, 2011.

I know that many websites, including popular blogs, see more than that in a typical morning; but I'm building my reputation from scratch, and I think Infrics' subject area is more "narrowcasting" than mass market. Ten pageviews by the right people are worth more to me than thousands from those to whom my work has no meaning.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has read my articles, shared them, and left comments.  If you have ideas for articles or for ways I can serve you better, please let me know:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

From Dreamforce 2012: 6 min video of the near future

Videos that show us visions of the future are a great way to make emerging tech ideas real.

This one, used to open's 2012 Dreamforce conference, is essentially an ad for the slogan: everything you need is everywhere you are.

Although it was produced to show off Salesforce's offerings, there are two major themes in play here:

  • Extreme personalization of experience.  Technology is used to deliver highly individualized information across a broad range of experiences.  This is at the heart of the big idea, the era of you.
  • Through touch, voice, heads-up displays, and ubiquitous connectivity, the benefits of technology are used more easily, in more places, and more often.  Technology gets out of the way, and disappears.