Monday, November 7, 2011

from Read Write Web: an update on Mozilla's plans for a stateless phone

Sample screens from Boot 2 Gecko. Image from
Stateless devices--lightweight operating systems running web-based applications--are one of the three Big Ideas covers.  I think they are the genuine wave of the future; Google's Chrome OS is the first to market, but you may recall I reported last summer that Mozilla was at work on a stateless phone, Boot 2 Gecko.

I asked Mozilla to let me talk with the B2G team when I visited silicon valley in August, and they refused.  Since then, Mozilla has been somewhat more forthcoming and Read Write Web has found out more: here is their report.

This could be big, and I wanted to let you know right away.  Remember, the defining characteristic of a well-delivered service is that the people who use it don't have to know or care where it came from, just that it works.  If that can be made to happen on a mobile phone, the disruptive influence--and the benefits to users--could be seismic.  Let's keep an eye on Mozilla.

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