Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MIT's John Mooney on the inevitability of the cloud, and what to do about it: 9 min video

Essential Practices for Embracing the Inevitability of the Cloud « Center for Information Systems Research - MIT Sloan School of Management:

This is a short talk from MIT's Center for Information Systems Research (CISR.)  The implicit:

  • it's time to move beyond thoughts of cloud computing as a way to save money in the data center
  • Instead, think of the cloud as a springboard toward a mindset of services management,
  • Speed-to-user-benefit is a key driver
  • So is a move toward deployment of human resources to higher value work.

You can create a free account at the CISR site, and access some excellent research reports.  For more on low-or-no cost ways to supplement your research portfolio, see Tech research without spending big bucks: four information streams for business.

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