Thursday, December 15, 2011

The digital personal assistant: Google's Majel project says "make it so"

Image from Android and Me website
Android and Me just published this article on Google's AI/personal assistant/Siri competitor, Majel.

More info on Google’s Majel, moving a little faster towards that Star Trek future | Android and Me:

I believe one of the biggest tech changes we'll see in our lives in the near future will be the digital personal assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, completely voice-enabled, and democratizing the experience of top executives, who have a trusted personal assistant.

It's the missing piece in a fully realized tech immersion life, in which we effortlessly know what we need at all times. See this article on "Rosie" for a sample of this life, and how it can happen. In that article I said that Google might be the best positioned company to deliver this future; this article hints at how close they are getting.

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  1. Hay Donald! I Don't treat Google as some one who is helping me in searching some thing, its like a some unknown relation with every one in the world. there products, services are so user-friendly which is really making every ones life happy! The PDA's have already created rocking market in every country. Thanks!@bosePersonal Assistant Career

  2. Having a digital personal assistant powered by AI, that sounds so awesome. I am looking forward for this one.