Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So, who is behind all this? Introducing a new kind of resume

Part of the reason Infrics.com exists is to provide a voice for my ideas about the future of technology, business, and society.  I have done a lot of work doing research for others.  On this site, you've seen the ideas that reflect my own original work, based on my IT career that started answering help desk phones, took me into C-level strategy meetings, and included a lot of discussions with leading IT vendors about the future.

Infrics.com is also designed to make my research, analysis, social media, and journalism skills visible to a prospective employer--contract, commission, or full-time.  One of the frustrations for the latter goal is that conventional resumes and conventional wisdom about them (summary form only, use lots of keywords to get caught by automated scanning systems, keep it to only 2 pages) leaves most of my talent unseen.

In consultation with a recruiter and career coach I trust, I've looked at his samples of great resumes that broke that mold, and taken a different tack with my own.  It starts with a this 10-second story about my value, a "Donald Ham Venn diagram."  At a glance, you or a prospective employer can see where I come from and where it's valuable.  You'll also learn the four ways that value becomes tangible, and meet the idea of a "fox" in the enterprise.  What are the other three?

Take a look.  If you've found value here in all the free content on Infrics.com, I'd appreciate your help to let people know I'm available, your consideration for consulting or contract roles in your own company, and your good wishes to help me continue this work -- making a good living by doing it.

Donald Ham's resume 

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