Friday, January 22, 2016

Back on track

This my blogging Mea Culpa

Why has Infrics been fallow for so long?  Well, the short answer is that I let my depression at not finding a professional job convince me that I really didn't have that much talent, not that much useful to say.

And THAT, I promise, is the very end of my whining. Time has renewed my appreciation that I have a lot left to contribute, and moving into my 60s has helped me realize that time is valuable.  At 20, there was a horizon WAY out there, and there was always time to go a different direction.  The horizon is a little closer now--time to get busy!

This is a listing of the main topics areas I want to approach with my return to active writing and posting, and some of the specific titles/subjects.

  • Embedded in Retail: observations of an industry analyst who has spent 2 years on the front line.

Management lessons from the emerging future:
  • The hidden value of your front line, and the enterprise failure to apply social network techniques to capture that value. 
  • The “reverse Maslow pyramid” effect and why it's so hard for useful information to make it up chains of management. 
  • Why personalization is both more important and easier than ever, and why it matters as an incentive to change your management approach. 
  • Personalization granularities, and why they matter to supply chain and marketing (the “no lawn furniture at Home Depot in FL when the weather gets nice” effect)
Other topics

  • The failure of HR, and how talent is going to waste. 
  • Updates on the business of research. 
  • How the 24 hour news cycle and SEO are poisoning the way we research and use information. 
  • Continuing the discussion of separation of digital ownership and rights management, and the house of cards implied by content ecosystems. 
  • A return look at Google: Chrome OS update, Google’s ongoing mess with digital content (the Photos debacle) and the evident failure of one hand at Google to know what the other is doing. 
  • A new hands-on strategic planning idea: using the concepts implied in technology trigger graphs as a way to make enterprise planning more effective. 
  • The horrible mess we've created by measuring the wrong things in business, and then acting as if those metrics are a useful tool.
So I am back, and I'd like your help.  If any of these ideas resonate, let me know so I can work on them sooner.  And please hold my feet to the fire; if I don't post at least once a week, drop me a line and say, "Hey! Where the hell are you and why haven't we heard from you?"

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