Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is Infrics?

Infrics is a "created" brand, like Xerox, which gets its meaning from context.  In that way, it's also a bit like the technology-supported communities we live in now, where value is created by the actions of users.  (See Web 2.0)

The Infrics idea is to look at technology as a big picture, one that touches business and society alike. I'll have opinions, and will do my best to label them as such; but when you visit this site, I'd like you to sense that there is curation going on.  Look for that in what you don't see here.  Gartner and Forrester already do a big business in vendor evaluations, that is not Infrics' role; but I will be watching vendors' business practices carefully, and we'll often look at their products as a reflection of competitive and market actions rather than as a pure tech offering.

"Curation" can be the preservation of the old, but in this sense, it's more about looking through the mass of information to pull out the valuable news and ideas

You'll see me at work filtering through news and ideas, asking questions of experts and laypeople, and incorporating your input as part of the online community.  One of my opinions is that technology research tends to be more about pronouncements from analysts and less about dialogue.  Well, I've spent many years working with both analysts and with those who consume the analysts work, and I'm here to tell you that there is a lot of expertise on the other side, with those who choose and implement technology every day. 

The tech world is flattening rapidly, meaning that end users are making more and more of their own choices about products and services; they create amazing business opportunities, and serious threats for the conventional corporate IT model.  I'll cover both, and look for people who are doing creative things amidst a staggering technology change rate. 

(by the way, I'll be in the bay area to attend the Cloud Leadership Forum in Santa Clara, June 20-21.  Let me know if you're attending.  I'd also welcome the chance to say hello to any colleagues while I'm in the area, and gather some interviews for future articles.  What are you doing? What would you like to share?)

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