Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Objects in the Future are Closer Than They Appear

I created this presentation to help people look across boundaries of technology innovation, and think about the interconnectedness of progress; it's kind of a youTube exploration of the ideas  I introduced last week about tech timelines and triggers.  And it is especially geared toward those who don't work in IT departments, but who use technology every day for work and everyday life.

The slides are just a framework to contain some really interesting videos others have commissioned, and to see them in a sequence aligned with the biggest themes of the technology-enabled future:

  1. Everything-as-a-service.  Recent problems with major cloud deployments (including Blogger, which hosts this site) are not death knells, but speed bumps.  Cloud computing is the catchphrase upon which a lot of the services-based discussion hangs right now, but it's only one aspect of a bigger change.
  2. Application stores and proprietary products notwithstanding, stateless devices are a huge enabler for service delivery everywhere.  Google's Chromebook is the first major commercial expression of this idea.
  3. Personalization of community, of business technology, of tech-enabled lives finds its voice from the interactions of users, when the ideas they create and share extend the value-from-users Web 2.0 concept.
Feel free to jump around if you like, or go in order for the story to unfold.  Don't miss the 1987 Apple Knowledge Navigator video in the extra features at the end.


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