Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Secure data, not perimeters, as we move to the cloud-based stateless future

Image from Cloudpro.co.uk

Cloudpro: Security at the Edge of the Cloud

This article makes a clear point about the need to evolve security models with the proliferation of multiple inroads to computing.  BYOD and cloud, author Davey Winder says, make the old style "secure the castle" security model unworkable--because there is no longer just one castle.  Instead, he argues, secure the data itself when you must deal with multiple perimeters.

This idea goes hand in hand with the decoupling inherent in the stateless idea:  data, apps, and device, once decoupled from each other, lend themselves especially well to the multi-perimeter security model.  Further, if a device like a Chromebook is run pure cloud, with virtually everything stored away from the device, the need to secure the machine itself is dramatically reduced.

Thanks to tech writer Ron Miller on Google+ for the heads up on this article.

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