Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Trust is the new black" And other trends for 2013 from Ford Motor Company

Ford has a very active futurist effort; today for the first time, they offered a public view of their thinking.

Looking Further with Ford: 13 Trends for 2013

The link is to the .pdf of the presentation.  A couple of takeaways:

  • Ford recognizes that people believe they can do good through their choices of companies to support.  For business, this means added importance for corporate social responsibility and diligence in social media monitoring.
  • Customers also expect a more direct relationship with those companies, a trend one analyst summarized by saying, "consumers want to be a market of one."  This is a direct tie-in with Infrics' Era of You idea, in which we see personalization of experience at a more and more granular level. 
Video of the presentation, discussion of the ideas, and a Q & A are on Ford's Livestream channel

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