Tuesday, October 2, 2012

From Dreamforce 2012: 6 min video of the near future

Videos that show us visions of the future are a great way to make emerging tech ideas real.

This one, used to open Salesforce.com's 2012 Dreamforce conference, is essentially an ad for the Infrics.com slogan: everything you need is everywhere you are.

Although it was produced to show off Salesforce's offerings, there are two major themes in play here:

  • Extreme personalization of experience.  Technology is used to deliver highly individualized information across a broad range of experiences.  This is at the heart of the big idea, the era of you.
  • Through touch, voice, heads-up displays, and ubiquitous connectivity, the benefits of technology are used more easily, in more places, and more often.  Technology gets out of the way, and disappears.

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