Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wired Magazine interviews Marc Andreesen

The Man Who Makes the Future: Wired Icon Marc Andreessen | Epicenter |

The stateless future means that applications and data live on the web, and run on almost any device.

Mosaic creator, Netscape founder, and venture capitalist Marc Andreesen doesn't say that in those specific words, but in this excellent cover story from the new issue of Wired Magazine, he comes close: "The application model of the future is the web application model. The apps will live on the web. Mobile apps on platforms like iOS and Android are a temporary step along the way toward the full mobile web."

Andreesen has been right about almost everything he's predicted; click through to Wired and learn why he thinks bandwidth is a critical enabler of the future, and his vision of business in a fully web-enabled world.

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