Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Are you using

A model of a high value social site, Quora offers direct dialogue with some of tech's leaders and some of your most knowledgeable peers.    Like Twitter or Facebook or Google+, you can follow people and topics, and see who is following the ideas you're interested in. Like Digg, participants can vote answers up and down, so those with more votes appear first. It is remarkably well-self policed, and is almost completely rant-and-invective-free.

From Wired: Does Quora Really Have All the Answers?

As examples, here are a few sample questions I've been following:

" While some competitors thought the killer app was content, and others thought it was commerce, we always believed it was community (what is now known as social media)"

Marc Andreessen is among those replying, so is one of Mashable's editors.

What sucks most about enterprise software?
Something everyone wonders, but few phrase the question so well.

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