Sunday, July 3, 2011

From Chris Brogan: excellent early comment on Google +

A friend of mine who works at Google has tried to send me an invitation to Google+, but hasn't been able to get it to go through, so I haven't had hands on experience yet.  If you're an Infrics reader and have an invitation, I'm asking...

In the meantime, Brian Solis tweeted a link this morning to Chris Brogan's excellent article,

"The Google Plus 50"

Here are a couple of the points I thought were compelling:

11.  "A standalone Google+ Apps version plus Google Docs = a very powerful business collaboration environment that would trump most white label social enterprise tech easily."

21. "With Google’s ChromeOS push, plus the proliferation of Android, Google+ now becomes quite a robust integrated communications, media, and sharing layer on multiple platforms natively, plus it is supported by browsers on all other platforms."  

31."If you enable location on your mobile device, G+ creates circles by “nearby,” thus allowing for instant location-centric social networks."

Have you tried Google+ yet? Will this be the effort that gets them on the social networking map?

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